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My Journey to the University of Westminster

During my academic journey, I demonstrated exceptional proficiency in mathematics and frequently aided my peers in primary and secondary school. However, upon reaching sixth form, I encountered a significant obstacle in this once-familiar subject. To my surprise, I discovered a newfound passion for government and politics, a topic I had never considered. Whether it was thanks to my teacher’s mentorship or my own natural ability, this single A-level course had a profound impact on the trajectory of my life.

Initially, I had considered a future in forensic science, but I remained open to other possibilities. While I had originally planned to pursue STEM-focused A-levels, I quickly realised after my GCSEs that traditional science was not my forte. Instead, I chose to explore a variety of subjects, including the democratic deficit in the UK, differing ideological beliefs, and even the flaws in the US Constitution.

As I delved deeper into these topics, my intrigue for politics grew stronger. My curiosity expanded beyond domestic politics to a global scale, and I realized that pursuing a vocation in politics was my calling. This realization led me to study politics and international relations, and I began applying through UCAS. I meticulously crafted and refined my personal statement, sought the guidance of my instructors, and ultimately submitted it to UCAS. Following the submission, I received both acceptances and rejections.

I took my first official exam on May 18th alongside countless students nationwide. When the results were released, many of us were disappointed. Despite the government’s assurance that grade boundaries would not exceed those of 2019, they were the highest they had ever been for the 2023 assessments. This experience ignited a sense of anger and strengthened my desire to pursue a political career. I am committed to fighting hypocrisy and protecting the fundamental human rights of those under 18. After receiving my exam results, I was thrilled to accept an offer from a university and work towards achieving my aspirations.

After completing my degree, my goal is to hold the government accountable for protecting our community’s future.

Afra Bhuiyan

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