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My Journey from Architecture to Create Experience

As an architect, my work extends beyond building construction projects. I am deeply committed to addressing urban challenges by creating spaces that bring people together and serve communities. My passion for human-centred design led me to explore the exciting field of “placemaking”. I am excited to share my experiences and insights in this area and to continue to make a positive impact on communities.

Placemaking is all about creating spaces that are not only functional but also enjoyable, memorable, and meaningful for people to work, live, and play. It’s a collaborative process that involves shaping our physical environment while also enabling the social environment to thrive.

My interest in placemaking started with a research project called “Activating Public Spaces Through Children’s Presence.” This project helped me understand how even small changes in a public space can make a big difference in how people use it. Since then, I’ve been inspired by the power of placemaking to transform our communities for the better.

If you’re curious to learn more (about this), you can scan the QR code below to explore my research further.

Moving from architecture to event design may seem like a big change, but it felt like a natural step for me. Event design involves planning and organising events that are focused on creating meaningful experiences for people who attend them. Although it might seem like these two fields are very different, they actually have a lot in common. Both are about making an impact on people’s experiences and shaping the way they interact with the world around them. Events can be a powerful tool for change, bringing people together and transforming forgotten spaces into vibrant community hubs.

Now, my focus goes beyond traditional architecture. I’m passionate about giving a voice to neglected spaces. My dissertation, “Exploring the Transformative Potential of Participatory Placemaking Events: A Child-Centric Approach to Public Space Activation through Event Design,” isn’t just theoretical research – it’s a powerful tool for creating more inclusive and child-friendly cities! This research fuels my passion for including children in the design process because when we consider their needs, we build spaces that work for everyone. Imagine a city where public spaces cater to children’s needs for play, exploration, and interaction. This wouldn’t just benefit them; it would create a safer and more inclusive environment for all residents.

Here’s the exciting part: Making it Happen with children!

 My approach will leverage the power of children’s creativity. I’ll be engaging them in the design process by asking them to draw their dream public spaces and tell me their favourite things to do in them. Their ideas will be the inspiration for a series of placemaking events aimed at revitalising forgotten public spaces.

I would like to invite all passionate students who share my vision of vibrant, inclusive, and thriving cities. Join me on this journey of transformation! Share your insights, contribute your ideas, and let’s co-create a future where every corner tells a story and where experiences shape the soul of our cities.

Why Join?

Joining this project offers you a unique opportunity to make a positive impact by actively participating in revitalising a neglected public space.

You will have the chance to develop valuable skills, including practical experience in research, design, event planning, and community engagement.

You will work collaboratively with a diverse team of passionate individuals, which will help you to improve your communication and teamwork skills.

How to Get Involved?

We warmly welcome students from diverse backgrounds to offer their talents and experiences in various aspects of our project. Your unique abilities can be immensely valuable in every stage of the project. Here are some areas where you could make a difference:

• Ideation: Facilitate brainstorming sessions based on children’s drawings of their dream public spaces. Analyse recurring themes and translate them into creative event concepts.

• Event Planning and Execution: Contributing to logistical planning, marketing, and on-site management of the chosen placemaking event.

• Post-Event Analysis: Supporting the evaluation of the event’s effectiveness through data collection, analysis, and reporting, contributing to the continuous enhancement of future placemaking initiatives.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or if you’re interested in joining this exciting journey of community-driven placemaking. You can contact me at w1948508@westminster.ac.uk or connect with me at www.linkedin.com/in/hoori-seylsepour

, and I’ll be delighted to discuss further.

Let’s collaborate to create spaces where everyone feels welcomed, inspired, and valued.

Hoorie Seylsepour – Study MA in Event Design and Management from Iran

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