Model United Nations (MUN)

What is Model UN?

Model UN is a comprehensive educational program that offers students an opportunity to experience the United Nations and learn about diplomacy, international relations, and global awareness. Normally, high school or university students participate in MUN by role-playing as delegates to the United Nations and simulating UN committees. These conferences are organised by students for students both nationally and internationally. During the conference, delegates practice public speaking, negotiation, research, teamwork, and resolution writing to solve diverse global challenges. The primary aim of MUN is to educate participants about current events, international affairs, diplomacy, and the United Nations’ agenda, promoting comprehension of world issues and encouraging peace and cooperation among nations.

Significance of Model UN

MUN is a crucial platform for preparing students to become well-informed and engaged global citizens who can tackle complex international challenges. MUN provides young individuals with a unique opportunity to develop essential skills and knowledge needed in today’s interconnected world. Through participation, delegates gain a profound understanding of global affairs, international relations, and the intricacies of diplomacy. This immersive experience helps inculcate critical thinking, public speaking, debating, and writing skills that are highly valued in any profession.

Moreover, MUN instils empathy and cultural awareness by encouraging students to view global issues from the perspectives of other nations. This approach cultivates a generation of better-informed leaders, more tolerant and capable of contributing positively to global peace and cooperation. Through the collaborative efforts required during MUN conferences, delegates learn the importance of teamwork and compromise in achieving common goals, mirroring the real-world processes of international diplomacy and cooperation.

Westminster Model UN

The University of Westminster’s MUN society is a vibrant student organisation dedicated to providing its members with a comprehensive and engaging experience in diplomacy and international relations. Through weekly training sessions, students participate in brief UN simulations on various topics, improving their understanding of global issues while developing public speaking, negotiation, and diplomatic skills.

In addition, the Westminster MUN delegation actively participates in prestigious national and international conferences, such as the London International Model UN (LIMUN) and Oxford International Model UN (OXIMUN) conferences. These events allow students to represent the University of Westminster on a larger stage, engage with peers from around the world, and participate in more complex simulations, expanding their diplomatic insights and networks.

Westminster MUN also hosts a two-day conference welcoming students from all around the world. This event serves as a platform for learning and debating and promotes cultural exchange and understanding among participants from diverse backgrounds, embodying the spirit of the United Nations in promoting peace and cooperation.

How do you get involved?

  1. Training Sessions

Join weekly training sessions. Whether you’re looking to develop your skills and prepare for upcoming conferences, our delegation welcomes you.

  • Westminster Delegations

Join the Westminster Delegation at national and international conferences to meet like-minded people worldwide while developing your skills.

  • Westminster Model UN Conference

Join us for our conference on April 13th and 14th at Regent Street Campus by signing up as a delegate.

  • Join our 2024/25 team.

Apply to contribute to the world of MUN and become part of our team for next year.

Contact Details:

Email: mun.soc@su.westminster.ac.uk

Instagram: westminsterunsoc

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