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Love At First Sight

Each of us has somewhat been there, perhaps at different places but still united by facing the same puzzlement – what is my future going to be like? There are too many options to choose from, and this highly competitive world we are currently living in does not ease the pressure one might feel. So, which path is the ONE? So, what is it that brings me in my late twenties back to university? Well, let’s start from the beginning.

Since my early childhood, I already knew my empathy sensors were operating on a higher plane – that I was more caring, different… I was classified as “extra-talented” and, throughout Primary and Secondary School, I have been chosen to attend a special class, where I had enough opportunities in developing my potential. But living as a highly sensitive individual has also had its downside – you tend to overthink, to worry, and to analyse events inside out before they actually happen.

I had to make the first big decision when it was time to choose a college as it is also a catalyst towards a future career path that starts to shape an idea of who we are. Or at least who we think we are. I chose Civil Engineering, but I must admit that it was hard to know for sure which direction to pick at that age.

My interests naturally inclined towards humanitarian subjects back then; I could already sense this might not have been the right move for me.

Completing my A-levels was like a breath of fresh air, where I gained enough confidence and finalised my decision, and which had opened the door to the university. I had decided to postpone my studies and move abroad. To seek for what I was missing.

I knew that only if I wanted to attain genuine mastery, an international experience would undoubtedly be worth its weight in gold regardless of my passion and dedication. Moving to London has broadened my outlook and made me find the missing piece of the puzzle.

This incredible journey has helped me to realise what do I already know since a rather long time ago – I genuinely love people, and I want to reuse this in benefitting everyone, to help and give back what I receive. The events of the past couple of years have not made it easier, and there have been some ups and downs; however, I stuck with what I was doing.

Here it comes – University of Westminster. Receiving an unconditional offer from the University of Westminster is certainly everyone’s dream, and so was mine. I can honestly say I feel proud to be a student at the University of Westminster, even without having been there yet. I immediately felt supported and all my worries were answered.

A little few months ago, not a very long time after I had been made an offer, I received a phone call from a number I did not recognise. When I picked up, on the line there was one of the students of the University of Westminster. She was calling me to make sure that all my questions and concerns I might have had would be answered – and, believe me, I am one of those who always ask many…

My memories from the previous studies I had are utterly different. I can only say, since the early beginnings, I have never felt more supported on my academic path than now by the University of Westminster, by people I have not even been honoured to meet yet. I know this approach is a unique one, and other establishments should only enviously watch and learn. The University of Westminster takes out the best of everyone’s and holds your back if you feel like slipping.

A university, to me, is more than a place one can upgrade the status in or simply gain a title. It is about a true dedication and willingness to make an impact on this world, to play at least a small part in something bigger because together we can do great things! The University of Westminster is the place where this becomes possible.

I truly look forward to coming across like-minded souls thanks to whom I can enrich my very own perception that I can be a better version of myself. Each of us has a different background and a perspective of the world; each of us looks through different lenses. Simply said, this makes us all unique and incredibly beautiful.

Perception – action – will. Our Roman ancestors had already been following this ancient, never-changing truth. The world has been continuously changing, and what is true today may not be so tomorrow, but one thing is certain – the key values, the anchor, persist.

The takeaway? Or in other words, what message would I wish to deliver to my younger self? There are times you might feel uncertain, even a little confused about who you are or what your purpose in this world is. But guess what? – This is fine! Life is a constant journey where there is no right nor wrong, it is only the way of one’s perception. Some events are absolutely out of our control however might have a significant impact on our life. But, as long as you keep your values and determination, you win.

 Anna Parakova, Year 1, BA (Hons) International Relations and Development.

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