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Iftar with DEN

On Wednesday, 29th March, DEN organised a meal at the Mawlana Restaurant; the experience was special as everyone got together, making it unique. After two very long semesters, it was an excellent opportunity for the DEN members to reconnect. It was enjoyable to engage in casual conversations with everyone and learn more about one another. The fact that our Muslim members came together to break their fast during their holy month of Ramadan made this experience even more memorable. Some of us had never had either Indian or Egyptian food before, but it was wonderful! The restaurant provided a range of both cuisines.

What is Ramadan?

One of the most important occasions for Muslims is Ramadan, which falls during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Muslims keep a severe daily fast from sunrise to sunset during this month. During these daylight hours, they cannot consume any food or drink. During Ramadan, fasting is done to purify the soul and show support for the destitute and underprivileged. It is also considered a means to develop self-control and comprehend Islam better. When everyone arrived at the restaurant, we placed several food orders, including spicy hummus, falafel, lamb shish, mixed grill, and many more. DEN is known for its diverse approach to ensuring that all members and students feel at ease and have the opportunity to discover and engage with many cultures in various ways. By planning the dinner, we learned much about one another and had access to delectable cultural cuisine. Following the meal, we received many compliments from our members and friends: “The DEN dinner was so lovely and fun! It was an excellent way for the DEN members and friends to catch up with each other after a long two semesters. It was nice to chat with everyone and see how everyone is in an informal setting. Many of us were fasting that day because of 

Ramadan, so we opened our fasts together, which was a fantastic way for us all to share the evening. “It was amazing to hang out with the team outside the University environment. Also, the food was amazing; we went during Ramadan and decided to break our fast at the restaurant.”

Thank DEN for making this meal memorable for so many of us. We would love to experience this again in the future!

Saba Malik

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