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Education across diverse cultural settings

Throughout the module, Thailand was a constant point of focus for us. However, as time passed, we learned about many different aspects beyond the trip, such as working cross-culturally and thinking about education beyond its traditional boundaries. We reflected on various theories through guest lectures that broadened our perspective on education. It made us realize that there is much more to it than what we are generally taught in school settings.

The module and the trip encouraged us to step out of our comfort zones and become responsible for our learning process. We attended in-class workshops, dedicated ourselves to learning about the history, art, and culture of Thailand through museums, temples, and palaces, and participated in workshops held in Kasetsart University. The lectures we attended in Kasetsart University inspired us to form our opinions about Thai politics and history. It was a significant challenge that forced us to view the country from a local lens with the help of lecturers and students.

I was amazed by how rural yet developed Bangkok was from the day we landed in Thailand. It reminded me of my home country, Madagascar, in terms of the greenery of the city and the architecture of the houses. The kindness shown by the students and the locals, the weather, and the sound of the birds chirping in the morning made me nostalgic. This trip taught us about different aspects of Bangkok and pushed us to discover parts of ourselves beyond a lecture room. We collaborated with the staff of the university, students, and locals. It made me realize how similar we are as individuals, despite our different backgrounds.

The structure of the module and field trip helped us gain in-depth knowledge of the world, especially Thailand. We learned about diverse cultures and worked in a cross-cultural setting to deliver information while presenting about our courses and areas of expertise. It not only enriched our audience but also furthered our understanding of the topics we had chosen. Presenting in front of a large audience helped us overcome our fears and made us aware of our potential as students. Overall, the trip and the module helped us understand ourselves and the world better and made us appreciate our cultural differences.

Layecha Fidahoussen

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