DEN's International Student Conference

DENS International Students Conference: My Incredible Experience

I recently attended the DENS international students conference and found it to be an incredible experience. As a student from Middlesex University, I didn’t know much about the conference or DEN beforehand, but after spending 8 hours there, I gained new knowledge, fresh perspectives, and a sense of solidarity.

At the conference, various presentations covered topics related to diverse cultures, countries, and important issues. I found it inspiring to see that everyone has the potential to make a difference. As students and young individuals, we should take responsibility for our role in society and believe in our ability to engage in meaningful discussions and express our ideas.

I enjoyed talking with diverse people at the event, including students and graduates from different universities, including Westminster, and international students from Thailand and Uzbekistan. It was a unique experience to have such a varied group of individuals come together to discuss issues that divide humanity and disconnect us from each other. The fact that everyone in the room understood and appreciated these causes made it an even more unique experience.

Hearing about the book Launch and the people who contributed was one of the highlights for me as I value the importance of showcasing a range of work into a publication to give students and graduates a platform to share their work with the world, which the conference itself also performed excellently at.

Listening to all of the presentations informed me more than I ever imagined. It could in one day and also covered some topics I already knew, from studying International Business, as some economic themes were included. Therefore I felt this contributed to my education which, as a student, I appreciated massively.

The experience was complimented with a beautiful space where it was hosted, refreshments and opportunities for the audience to ask questions and contribute, which made the day as an observer to the presentations and talks extremely accommodating. Listening and taking information in as an audience member felt very beneficial, knowing I could interact in the questions portion if I so chose.

It was undeniable that Dr Farhang had planned the day with lots of effort and care to ensure the experience was such a pleasant one. The gratitude of all the people attending could be seen and heard as they spoke of their appreciation of the conference and DEN; this was impressive to witness and inspiring. Overall, the day was a combination of listening, contributing and networking. It was fantastic, and I have nothing but positive feedback towards every aspect.

Dr Farhang Morady put in a lot of effort and care to ensure the conference and DEN experience were enjoyable. The students who attended expressed their appreciation and described the day as fantastic, inspiring, and impressive.

Laura Orsini, Middlesex University

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