DEN's International Student Conference

DEN’s Conference: My Reflection

I had an amazing time at the Sixth Annual Democratic Education Network (DEN) International Student Conference held at Westminster. It was a privilege to assist international students from Thailand, Uzbekistan, Srilanka, and Norway as they participated in the conference and interacted with people from diverse backgrounds. The conference explored the theme of development and identities across various fields, leading to insightful discussions and innovative ideas.

What stood out to me the most was the diversity of perspectives and disciplinary backgrounds represented by the students who presented their work and shared their insights. This interdisciplinary approach fostered a rich exchange of ideas and encouraged participants to consider different angles when addressing development challenges.

Interacting with individuals from different backgrounds was a rewarding experience that expanded my worldview and challenged my own biases. It was inspiring to see how people from diverse backgrounds could come together as a community united by a shared goal of creating an equal and just world.

The conference also highlighted the interconnectedness between sustainable development, equality, diversity, and inclusion. It emphasized the need to incorporate these principles into our collective efforts to address pressing global challenges. Our actions today will shape our world tomorrow, and prioritizing equality, diversity, and inclusion is crucial to achieving sustainable development.

Overall, the DEN conference provided a platform for students to showcase their work, exchange ideas, and challenge their own perspectives while working towards a sustainable and equitable future for all. The experience had a lasting impact on my personal and professional growth, and I am grateful for the opportunity to shape a better world through collaborations that prioritize equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Yasmine Diwany

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