DEN's International Student Conference

DEN conference 2023

DEN’s 6th annual conference was amazing; the presentations raised a diverse range of topics and discussions. The event was successful and enabled DENs students and their colleagues from the UK and worldwide to speak on issues they felt passionate about. It was interesting to listen to the presentations and identify students’ different perspectives and experiences. Additionally, the panels included students and staff from different cultures, faith, and races – diversity is important as it includes people from all backgrounds to have a voice and speak on important issues. 

Networking is another critical factor in the DEN conference, enabling people worldwide to meet and exchange thoughts and cultures. Through the DEN conference, I was able to engage with students from City and Islington College, as well as the international students from Uzbekistan and Thailand who I have formed friendships with. I am glad the international students felt comfortable at the DENs conference and enjoyed it. In addition, the conference allowed students from all backgrounds to engage and network through social media applications like LinkedIn and Instagram, further expanding the impact and influence of DEN. DEN has allowed students to achieve many things as a global network, like producing a book. As well as, students gain confidence to present broader public political issues that are important to mention personal experiences when travelling to Vietnam and Thailand’s culture and history. 

The conference has given me confidence and supported my small henna business to grow on a broader platform, which I appreciate. As a henna artist, I met new people and spread an understanding of why many cultures wear henna. This allowed others in the conference to understand and appreciate the culture by wearing henna on their hands too. I also learned many similarities and differences between cultures whilst applying henna to individuals. The conference increased my confidence in developing my skill and making new friends. I challenged myself as an artist whilst conversing and engaging with my peers about the many topics presented by DEN students. 

Tahmina Islam

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