Collaborating with DEN: Building a Platform for Student Engagement and Inclusion

Seven BTEC students and two staff from Capital City College Group attended DEN’s conference on the 13 May 2022. For many of our students, whose GCSE years were disrupted due to Covid-19, this was a welcome opportunity to boast their confidence and express their ideas on a stage at the University, in front of people they had never met before. This was a special moment to see all the education and practice come together and click. It’s such a magical feeling when you see students light up with excitement and enjoyment. In terms of the work that has been done and the progress made leading up to this day, I think everyone involved needs to be commended.

City and Islington College Business of Enterprise is determined to prepare our students for the world of work. Whether students take the classic academic route through to university or prefer the vocational pathway, soft skills are key to success in the competitive workplace. The conference gave us a new angle to develop our students.

Reuben and I encouraged our students to show a natural progression within their development, not limiting them to a few niche skills but creating rounded human beings who know how to talk to people and present their ideas properly. So that’s where the idea came from to work more closely with local employers. DEN’s conference offered our students opportunities to listen, learn, and engage with the university students.

We have encouraged our students to reflect on their experiences at DEN’s conference.

Lee Kennedy, Business lecturer, Capital City College Group, London.

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