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Appreciating a culture in its origine

This semester has been an incredible journey for me, as I delved into a range of subjects in the social sciences. The knowledge I gained provided me with a foundation for understanding different cultures and norms, which is an essential skill in our globalized world. In our initial classes, we covered topics such as psychology, politics, law, and sociology, which were fascinating and eye-opening.

The classes on Thai culture were particularly significant, as they gave us an insight into a new world with different norms, values, and culture. Learning about Thai culture helped us prepare for our visit to Thailand, which was a life-changing experience. Being in Thailand allowed me to experience new cultures firsthand, which was the best way to understand them. It was amazing to witness how people in Thailand interacted with each other and how they celebrated their traditions and beliefs.

The classes on understanding different norms were put into practice in Thailand when we visited Ayutthaya and discussed the different roles of the King. It was fascinating to learn about the history and culture of Thailand, and to see how it has impacted the country’s social, political, and economic development. Our visit to Thailand was truly an unforgettable experience, and it made me appreciate the beauty and diversity of the world.

This module has contributed significantly to my education, as I was able to connect with students at Kasestart University and learn about their experiences in education and in their personal lives. We had the opportunity to attend classes at the university, which allowed me to compare learning styles and learn about the economy, monarchy, and social sciences. It was inspiring to see how students in Thailand are passionate about their education and their future, despite the challenges they face.

Preparing for our presentation was a great opportunity for us to bring together the concepts and theories we had discussed in class. It was exciting to research the economic developments in Thailand and to see how the lecture on the Thai economy provided a Thai perspective on our research. It was amazing to see how Thailand has developed into a vibrant and dynamic economy, despite the challenges it has faced.

The experience taught me how privileged I am to be able to work and earn enough money to support myself. It also made me more aware of the challenges that students from low-income households face, as they have to rely on their parents or take out loans to support themselves while they study. It was inspiring to see how students in Thailand are determined to overcome these challenges and pursue their dreams.

Living in London my entire life, I thought I had been exposed to many cultures. However, this experience taught me that we can only truly appreciate a culture if we are in its origin. It was amazing to see how people in Thailand celebrate their traditions and beliefs, and how they have developed a unique and vibrant culture. This experience has made me more curious and interested in exploring other cultures around the world, and I can’t wait to see where my journey will take me next.

Gurwinder Ghuman

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