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A Memorable 11-Day Journey to England

My 11-day trip to England was an unforgettable experience filled with fun and excitement. It was an adventure that allowed me to meet new friends and attend a conference at the University of Westminster, fostering significant learning and growth. When the plane landed at Heathrow Airport in London, the thrill of seeing a new city for the first time erased any travel fatigue.

The initial days of the trip were dedicated to exploring London’s iconic landmarks, such as Big Ben, Covent Garden, the London Eye, and the vibrant Asian district of Soho. I also got to try the local cuisine, especially the fish and chips I had been looking forward to. The taste was fresh and delicious, far exceeding my expectations.

Attending the conference at the University of Westminster was the primary goal of my journey. Participating in the conference and listening to lectures from students across various disciplines was an enriching experience filled with knowledge and inspiration. The University of Westminster, located in the heart of London, made it convenient to explore nearby attractions.

Walking in Hyde Park was another highlight. This beautiful park, with its large green spaces and towering trees, is popular for picnics and relaxation. People of all ages come here to unwind, engage in activities, jog, or cycle. The charm and diversity of London ensured that I never felt bored.

The conference was a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas. Engaging with like-minded individuals made me feel part of an international learning community.. In the final days of the trip, I visited the British Museum and the Natural History Museum, both rich in history and culture. Seeing artefacts and treasures from around the world at the British Museum was fascinating, offering many insights into different historical periods and cultures.

The Natural History Museum, one of the world’s largest and most significant museums, was equally impressive. It offered a wealth of scientific knowledge, including dinosaur skeletons, fossils, and realistic dinosaur models. Learning about the lives and extinction of these creatures was both educational and captivating.

This trip was not just about sightseeing and attending a conference; it was also about broadening my horizons and forging new friendships that will last a lifetime. The experiences and memories I gained from this journey will stay with me for a long time. The learning and personal growth from this trip are invaluable.

As the time came to head home, I felt a pang of regret and a strong desire to return to London someday. However, I took back with me a trove of wonderful memories and valuable experiences. This journey not only deepened my understanding of London and British culture but also helped me learn more about myself and opened up new perspectives that will be beneficial in my life and future learning endeavours.

I want to thank Professor Farhang for organizing this conference and allowing me to travel to London.

Boonpipop Sangkeaw, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand.

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