DEN's International Student Conference

A Fantastic Experience for our Level 3 Business Studies Students

It was a fantastic experience for our Level 3 Business Studies students who participated in the DEN International Students conference. They were allowed to present their work, managing a significant event for a Local Village Network charity.

Despite being thrown into the deep end, our students confidently delivered their presentations in front of university graduates and answered questions from the audience. As their tutor, I was highly impressed with their performance and the experience they gained from DEN’s conference, which I’m sure will be valuable for them.

The conference also gave our students a chance to listen to undergraduates from the University of Westminster on various geopolitical topics, allowing them to gain insight into university life and the level of analysis and evaluation required at postgraduate levels.

Through DEN’s conference, the FE and HE sectors have come together to share ideas and best practices, which is hugely beneficial for our students. Overall, it was a valuable and unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Prabhakar Tailor
Business Lecturer | City and Islington College

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