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What can you contribute?
Any content ranging from articles, essays, videos and photos which is focused on International Relations, Politics and Global affairs.

Inside Westminster is a place where your hard work and research can be published. Any essays or presentation that you are proud can also be contributed to the website. Do you have an opinion on International Relations and Politics that you didn’t cover in your course? Talk about it on the blog! We strongly encourage views from all over the world. We want you to share your opinions and thoughts on issues that intrigue you that you want to talk about.

Who can you contact?
The core team who work on editing and publishing. Who are contactable at insidewestminster@gmail.com.  Email us your idea/article and we will work with you to convert your work to website ready material.

How to turn your content into suitable content?

Some basic tips:

  • Length: of your content is suitable. Keep it short! Approx 600-1000 words
  • Grammar and spelling: Keep in mind that the readers take your point more seriously once it’s professionally structured without any mistakes.
  • Structure: If you are not sure what a good article structure is, here’s an easy formula:
    Title: should invite the reader to your article.
    Lead: present the ‘Who What When Where Why and How’
  • Core: By reading the lead the reader should already know what it’s about. Try to rank the most important paragraphs since the top ones are most likely to be read. 
  • References: Make sure all your facts are backed up by links in the bottom with a brief description (EX: Link to the journal article: www.journal.com/hereisthearticle).
  • Extra: If you like, you can find your own image to go with the article. Make sure you have checked the copyrights and that you are allowed to publish this. If you don’t send us one, our core team will look for a suitable image to go with your article.

Things to check:

  1. Plagiarism: Have you presented someone else’s content as your own? Make sure you reference and avoid plagiarism.
  2. Assessment: Are you still in the process of getting marked? This content might show up as self-plagiarism if you have NOT been marked yet.
  3. Respect: We value respect towards others on our website. So should your article.


After you have sent us your work
Our core team will review your work and edit any grammar/structural errors. We will never change your angle or view. You will be contacted if we make substantial changes.  Your article will then be scheduled to be published according to the urgency of the article/ other content we might have planned.

What does each section represent?

  • Home: You will find all the latest articles on this page according to their date of publishing
  • DEN: The DEN section includes all the activities happening in DEN encouraging students to be a part of the DEN network. Networking is key not only outside but within the department as well. We hope to provide that platform and use this diversity.
  • Academic Papers: This section is for all your graded research papers that you would like to publish.
  • Global: This section essentially contains articles on various countries or events happening in London on various global issues.
  • Student Journeys: This section is for you to share your student experiences and journeys with other students.

Any other questions?

Email us at: insidewestminster@gmail.com.


Comments are essential to our blog and more than welcome.

However, the blog core team reserves the right to edit or delete any comments submitted to this blog without notice due to: any comments which the core team deem to be spam or questionable spam, including profanity, contain language or concepts that could be deemed offensive, are what the core team deem to be hate speech, credible threats, or direct attacks on an individual or group.

The blog core team nor the University of Westminster is responsible for the content in these comments.

This blog disclaimer is subject to change at any time.