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Do What Your Heart Desire

I have been a science student my whole life but have always had a passion for politics. Since I was a kid, my family instilled a ‘can do’ attitude in me. The key person behind my route to university was my grandad, who would always encourage me to do what my heart desired. But the biggest challenge came after GCSEs; stuck between science or politics, I found myself studying something completely different, Law and Criminology, for my A-levels. Not knowing I would come across politics again. It was like the universe’s way of telling me what I should pursue. I still remember googling how to fill out the UCAS application and all the phone calls made to grandad for pep talk whenever I didn’t get an update on UCAS.

I was so excited when I received my five offers, but I was over the moon to receive an offer from Westminster. My life changed since that day. I became more interested in politics while studying ‘Democracy, Power, and Participation in the UK’ which helped me acknowledge how a set of rules, an individual’s status in society and the power of government over citizens serves as a framework for the practice of a more stable, fair, and systematised country. Before applying,

I have read many books on foreign affairs; one of them was ‘Empire of Democracy’. I loved reading this book as it explains the deep roots of liberal democracy and how it has eroded over time. Another book was ‘Keeping at it: The quest for sound money and good government; this book is my favourite; it’s an autobiography full of enlightening stories from years of public service.

In my first semester, I have learned that International Relations is the right platform if you want to make a change. I hope International Relations will help me to learn and gain experiences to enhance my understanding of the interconnected world. I am looking forward to studying the Global Democracy in Crisis module in semester two.

I am still learning and discovering new societies and, of course, the Democratic Education Network (DEN). This is a fantastic way to be united by ambition. DEN is a place to get to know my peers better and identify ways of becoming a better version of myself. I’ve been studying Colonialism in Dilemmas of international development, the fascinating module so far. Hence, in the coming weeks, I will be joining the Anti-Racist society. They reveal the systemic oppressions and how Colonialism, Imperialism, and many other theories are still impacting us today. I think this will be an incredible way of empowering one another and connecting as one. I am focusing on fully taking the university experience onboard; I am proud to join Bangladesh society soon! Hence, I will be closer to my culture, and I will welcome and help my colleagues and lecturers to discover Bangladeshi traditions. Involvement and discussions within my chosen societies will let me put the skills I’ve learned into practice and further develop them.

My seminar tutors, lecturers strive to unlock potentials I never knew I had. International Relations motivates me to step out of my comfort zone and give my dreams a new dimension. I am looking forward to all the possibilities presented by this degree.

Wamia Raskeeh, Year 1, BA (Hons) International Relations. 

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