Academic Papers

network soc small

How does Castells define the ‘Network Society’? What are the advantages and limitations of the concepts for understanding current societies?

Pamela Schweder Machado.
B.A. Journalism (Hons.)


Is the State merely a Committee for Managing the interests of Elites?

Ibrahim Seedat
B.A. Politics and International Relations (Hons.)

Impact of Colonialism in Contemporary Development Trajectories

Jordi Cortes
M.Sc Politics (LSE)

Is Politics a Science?

Khalil Sabawoon
B.A Politics and IR (Hons.)

Are Human Rights Universal?

Fatima Khoei
B.A Politics (Hons.)

urban conflict

Is Inter- State war still the most important form of contemporary violence?

Pranav Ramesh
B.A History and Politics (Hons.)